About Us:

Susan Wagener, M.Ed., LCDC
        Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
        Certified AEPM instructor
        Certified Grief Counselor

Thomas (Bodie) Wagener, M.Ed.
        Principal, Career & Technology Eduction
        Certified AEPM instructor
Educators with 30+ yrs. experience working with middle school, HS and college-age youth

As a counselor and principal we have experience with youth dealing with alcohol and/or other drug related issues, including alcohol poisoning.  However, we never thought we needed to speak with our own son.  Michael wasn’t the ‘drinker’ or ‘partier’.  He was ‘taking care of business’ at college.  We had ‘driven-home’ the point of a designated driver.  (Michael had a d.d. that last night.)  All our lives changed in one night.

In response to such a senseless tragedy, we developed an alcohol awareness program, Reaching Others through Teaching, Tragedy, and a Personal Touch.  It has been so important to us as parents to get a message out:

         This can happen to anyone.

         It is not a matter of inexperience.   

         Passing out is not the same as sleeping it off.               

         It is illegal if you are under 21. 

         Excessive drinking even in one night can kill.

Our goal is to educate our youth and adults responsible for them and have concern about their well-being.

WHY THIS PROGRAM Reaching Others through Teaching, Tragedy & Personal Touch

As a parent, educator or community leader you are a powerful influence in any young person’s life.  Your awareness of this information will assist in opening lines of communication with regards to alcohol consumption.  People focus on drunk driving, but we really don’t communicate too much on alcohol poisoning.  We need to focus on both; the necessity for a designated driver and the lethal limit of alcohol.

Education alone cannot make the same impact as real people, real stories.



   21st birthday card project (every student at A & M will receive a card prior to 21st birthday with prevention and intervention information on alcohol poisoning)

    Video to share alcohol awareness (to be used especially in Health and Fitness kinesiology class)

   Presentations/workshops on alcohol awareness with the Federation of TAMU Mothers’ Club,  Aggie Moms’ Clubs across the state, and Fish Camp counselors, TAMU Corps of Cadets


Work with Mothers’ Against Drunk Drivers:

    Loss/grief group support facilitator for traumatic grief

    Victim assistance program & alcohol awareness program


Work with Sam Houston State University on alcohol prevention programs:

    21st birthday card project similar to TAMU

    Presentation on alcohol awareness during RID week

    Presentation/workshop for Alcohol Summit, 2007, 2009

Work with SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration on

educational video, 2007

Work with Harris County Juvenile Probation First Offender’s Program

Gave testimony in 2004 & ’05 before the Texas House of Representatives Committee for reviewing underage drinking & assisted in encouraging legislation to protect our youth (three bills filed)

In 2004 gave testimony before the Texas Sunset Review Committee for TABC

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