The following are some unsolicited comments from participants from a class, a group, or an audience.


"The presentation is one which can benefit all high school students. It clearly presents the facts about alcohol poisoning in straightforward language that is easy to comprehend. Although the presentation reflects a family’s personal tragedy, its message is universal. Alcohol in excess kills." ~ Paulette Fawcett - Teacher at Pasadena Memorial HS

"The presentation is excellent.  It is well worth listening to.  My students were captivated. The subject matter of alcohol poisoning is not any easy one, but Mrs. Wagener talks about it in a way that the message is easy to comprehend.  The personal touches only made it more poignant."  ~ Elizabeth Fawcett - Counselor at Channelview HS

"The story is tragic, I can’t imagine the anguish felt losing a child to such a senseless act. The testimonial is very moving, powerful, and informative. You can’t help but come away with something of value after listening to her experience." ~ Bill Meyer

"Not only was Susan's testimony heartfelt, but she gave critical facts regarding alcohol poisoning that blew me away! Beer & wine always seems to be the "life" of the party, but they can easily deceive and very quickly, take someone's life. Most people think Beer or Wine as a "modest" drink, and that hard liquor would be the culprit. Not necessarily so!" ~ Rene Francis

Thank you for this presentation.  It really touch deep inside.  I’m a senior and you open more my eyes our there!!  ~Nicole, senior

Young people shouldn’t drink.  Your mind doesn’t fully develop until age 25.  I feel bad for family & friends that have to suffer the aftermath.  ~Taylor, senior

That people don’t only die from drunk driving like most say.  I am concerned that if someone drinking underage and saw the symptoms of something being wrong, they won’t tell police or hospitals for fear of getting in trouble.  This could make the difference.  ~Sydney, senior

We think it’ll never happen to us.  I worry about how I will deal with peer pressure in the fall when I go to college.  It made me think.  ~Jake, senior

I love the website. You are going to do a lot of good. You helped me. When I came to your group meeting, I was headed towards hopeless. I felt like a new person afterwards. I would tell anyone to try anything you're involved in. You are so gentle and understanding. It was so easy to talk to you. I hope everything goes well. Be Blessed.  ~Qiana

Loss/Grief Support

"The Through grief share support I have learned grief not only consists of the loss of my husband, Don, but accumulated losses and hurts throughout my life; therefore, my grief journey is unique. Grief share showed me how to use the energy it took to hurt and change it into energy to help me accept life as it was now. At each meeting, I found clarity and reinforcement regarding situations and problems which are difficult to solve when your mind is foggy from grief. As I listened to others share their stories, I remember someone sharing that grief is not only feelings of depressions, but includes a huge ball of emotions including loneliness, sadness, hurt, helplessness, guilt, anger, hopelessness, and so on. This was a huge revelation for me because my family thought I was just depressed, and so did I. I allowed myself to acknowledge their feelings were OK, however, my feelings were just as valid. My hopelessness and guilt turned into trusting in God's promises and forgiving others and myself. Grief share was the beginning of my healing and everyday I daily continue healing through God's daily presence in my life-the push I need to do the next thing. "
 ~ Helen Gardner-husband, Don, died 3/15/2007 due to complications of cancer surgery


The personal story was perfect fit with the information in class.  Instructors were very knowledgeable and treated us with respect. ~Ariel

Great instructors! You guys were great instructors.  ~Geremios